Lock Rekeying: What You Need to Know

Lock Rekeying: What You Need To Know

Lock Rekeying: What You Need to Know

If you are considering improving the integrity of your locks, you can either rekey or replace the lock system. While lock replacement is a viable option for a damaged lock or for aesthetic upgrades, rekeying is faster and more affordable. 

Here's a quick guide on lock rekeying to help you make the right decision.

Lock Rekeying Process

The process of rekeying entails accessing the lock cylinder and replacing the pins and springs with new ones that work with a new set of keys. First, your locksmith will remove the old lock from the door or handle and change the pins to match the cuts on the new set of keys. He or she will then fix the lock back on the door or handle and issue you with a new key. 

On the other hand, lock replacement involves taking out the entire lock hardware from a door and replacing it with new hardware. In addition to completely changing the old deadbolts and handles, lock replacement may require modifying the door to support the new lock system.

Advantages of Lock Rekeying

When compared to lock replacement, rekeying the locks in your home offers several benefits.

It Is More Affordable

Depending on the design and configuration, lock hardware can be expensive. Because rekeying does not require the purchase of expensive hardware, it can be a cost-effective way to secure your locks.

You Don't Need Door Modification

If you have installed high-end doors, you may be reluctant to have these doors tampered with in any way. Door modifications can also add to the total cost of lock installation. Lock rekeying lets you preserve your doors while keeping installation costs low.  

You Retain Your Lock Hardware

Replacing your locks can mean changing designer handles and locks that tie into your home's overall architecture. Unique lock hardware can be difficult to find in local locksmith shops. However, rekeying allows you to enhance the security of your home, keep your valuable locks, and maintain your home's general aesthetics.

Key Management Becomes Easier

A locksmith can rekey locks to allow you to use a single key for all the locks in your home. This offers real convenience, as you do not have to keep up with all the different keys to your home. 

It Is a Quicker Solution

It takes longer to replace a lock especially if the hardware is rare and has to be sourced from elsewhere. Rekeying is easy and only requires a few tools to complete the process.

One downside to rekeying is that it limits your ability to add extra security features to your locks. Consider replacing poor quality locks with new ones to improve your property's security.

Reasons to Rekey Your Locks

In some instances, complete lock replacement may be necessary. However, you should consider rekeying if any of the following situations applies.

You or a Tenant Loses a Key

Rekeying can prevent unauthorized access without incurring the extra cost and time of replacing locks.

You Purchase a New Home

If you want to keep the lock hardware in your new home, rekeying offers a more affordable way to secure the integrity of the locks.

You Move Into a Single-Builder Community

In single-builder communities, it is common for different keys to open the same lock. Rekeying would change the pins in your locks to ensure no other key opens your home's lock.

Your Home Has Been Broken Into

Prevent burglars from reassessing your home by rekeying the locks if lock replacement is not a feasible option for you.

Whether you opt to rekey or replace your locks, always consult with a professional locksmith to avoid damaging doors and lock hardware. At Ben's Locksmith, we provide affordable and high-quality lock and key services. Get in touch with us today for emergency lock replacement or rekeying.


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