6 Big Mistakes That Increase the Risk of Home Lockouts

6 Big Mistakes That Increase The Risk Of Home Lockouts

6 Big Mistakes That Increase the Risk of Home Lockouts

Experiencing a home lockout is frustrating and disruptive when you're trying to keep up with your daily schedule. If you've been experiencing frequent lockouts lately, you need to change your habits and take a few precautions to prevent future recurrences of this annoying problem.

Avoid making the following six mistakes so you can stop getting locked out of your home so often.

1. Not Having Enough Key Sets Available

The more key sets you have made, the more resorts you're going to have to turn to and get in your home before the situation becomes a complete lockout. If you only have one set of home keys, have a few extra key sets made to keep on hand for emergencies.

Of course, simply having keys made is not necessarily going to be enough if you keep all of those key sets inside your home. For the best results, you should place sets out and about at the office, in your vehicles, and at the home of family members or close friends so you can access them when you've misplaced your main set. Make sure to hide the keys in discrete places, however, to ensure they don't become a security threat.

2. Keeping Old Locks that Malfunction in Place

If the locks on your home are worn out and aren't optimally functioning, they're more likely to jam up so that your key doesn't work on them. If you experience lockouts caused by malfunctioning locks, you need a qualified locksmith to carefully inspect your home security features. Your locksmith can provide you with helpful tips on how you can upgrade your locks and home security system while also minimizing your chances of experiencing cumbersome lockouts.

3. Keeping Your Home Disorganized

People who tend to get locked out of their homes frequently also tend to be disorganized. When people have a lot of clutter around a home, homeowners usually find it more difficult to know where their keys are.

Give your home a thorough cleaning and start staying organized if you notice that clutter on your countertops is making it hard for you to find things such as your house keys.

4. Failing to Leave Reminders

Forgetful people who are experiencing frequent lockouts might want to start leaving a reminder by their home's exits to bring keys along. Simply putting a reminder sticky note on your door that you can't miss as you leave your home could prevent you from walking out without your keys again.

You could also keep a key holder that you hang your keys on right by the door to remind you to bring your keys and also keep your keys handy when you're going out.

5. Not Developing the Right Habits

If you've been getting locked out of your home because you're forgetting your keys, you need to get in the habit of tracing your steps before you leave your home. Also, learn to cast a quick glance over your desks, tables, and counter-tops before you leave to make sure you haven't left your keys or any other important supplies.

Another thing you can do is try to start placing your keys in the same spot on a regular basis when you get home. This way, you'll know where you need to look every time before leaving to be sure you have keys with you.

6. Leaving Home in a Rush

You might want to consider waking up a little earlier before leaving for work if you've been getting locked out a lot lately. Giving yourself more time in the morning or before you leave your home will make you less distracted so that you will be more aware of everything you need to take with you. Not only will you be less likely to forget your keys, but you'll also be less likely to forget other important workday supplies that you need.

If you're locked out of your home, contact us at Ben's Locksmith for fast assistance. We offer a variety of locksmith services in the Fort Lauderdale area, including assistance with commercial, vehicle, and safe locks.

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