5 Things to Do When a Vehicle Locked Out Happens

5 Things To Do When A Vehicle Locked Out Happens

5 Things to Do When a Vehicle Locked Out Happens

It's happened to all of us and to some more times than they'd care to admit. Being locked out of your car can make you feel frustrated, stressed, and helpless. There can be a multitude of reasons why you're locked out of your car, but prevent feeling helpless when you have a plan of action to help remedy the situation.

Check All Doors

Before you start panicking about being locked outside of your car, make sure that you really have no way to access your car. Check if there's a door that hasn't been properly closed or if the trunk door is still open.
You can also check for any gaps in the window that can allow some access to your car. You might find a small gap that lets you access the car lock or get the keys out.

Contact Roadside Assistance

Many drivers get insurance services that enable them to call up roadside services when they're experiencing a problem with their vehicles. New cars are also covered by roadside assistance during warranty, so give your local roadside assistance a call to see if they can get you inside the car.

If you have a new car and don't know the contact details of the roadside assistance, you can call up your dealership to get them as well.

Call for Towing Services

When you don't think there's any way for you to access your car in its current location, the best method open to you is to hire towing services. Most towing services provide a lockout service that lets them tow your car even when it's locked.

From there, you can either get it towed to your home and call up locksmith services or take it directly to an automotive locksmith.

Find Your Alternate (Spare) Key or Get a Temporary One

The chances are that you received an extra key with your current car. While not all of us carry around an additional key, you can leave the key with someone who can get it to you in an emergency.

You could also contact your dealership to get a temporary key that allows you to open your car doors (but won't start your car). Additional documentation will be required for you to receive this key, depending on what dealership you bought your car from.

Get Access to Your Car through an Automotive Locksmith

If there's no way for you to access your car, contacting a local locksmith in Fort Lauderdale is your best option. Depending on your car model and make, the locksmith can also provide you with an alternate key or change your car locks entirely.

Need Help Accessing Your Car? Our Technicians Are Here to Help

When you're locked out of your car and see no way to get inside, trust our technicians at Ben's Locksmith to come to your aid. With 24-hour emergency services, we can reach you anywhere in Fort Lauderdale at a moment's notice. Give a call at 954-200-1889 to avail of our services now!

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